Thursday, November 1, 2012

interiors: colorful kitchens

Miami was a veritable explosion of colors. The beautifully preserved deco hotels (more on that later) were one thing, but I was in absolute heaven in Miami's Design District.

The designers' showrooms were one thing, but the bath and tile shops. Oh, the bath and tile shops. I spent perhaps an hour and a half sighing over tiles. (I might have spent longer but for my husband and our lunch reservation.)

When planning my future kitchen (aside from a healthy kitchen fund, which is in the works), I look toward color. I want something that is "us" - something that isn't generic. Definitely not "Tuscan farmhouse" or "blank slate modern"... Tiles are likely where I'll add color, but there is something I can't help but love when it comes to colorful cabinets. It elevates an otherwise predictable design, and makes it fully and totally your own.

Designer Jeffrey Bilhuber uses robin's egg blue to update his traditional kitchen. Image via

The reason behind this tile obsession isn't just magazines and blogs full of kitchen porn. The Kitchen Cousins have to take some credit. Please indulge me in some of my favorite before and afters courtesy of these charming cousins... 

Before: This is a single girl's awkwardly set-up, totally dated kitchen. 

After: sleek, shiny yellow Italian cabinets compliment more period appropriate details. Also, I really love that island (and the fact that it's a little less flashy, allowing those canary cabinets to really be the star).

Before: Presented without comment. 

After: Tiles, cabinets, lighting, glossy lowers, island... Sigh.

I pined over these actual tiles. I love how the Moorish influence is matched with modern lines. 

Hopefully these photos inspire everyone to go beyond the bland.

Unless noted, all images courtesy HGTV.

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