Friday, November 2, 2012

cocktail hour: a perfect gin martini

Ok, ok. So it's Friday. Friday of Halloween week. It's been a long week of drinking, cleverly concocting costumes, sweets, and more drinking. Now that Friday is here, the last thing I want to ask of anyone is to *gasp* mix a cocktail. 

The Handmade Cocktail Company to the rescue with their pre-mixed (don't judge, yet!) martinis. They describe it as "Premium Copper Pot-Still Gin, with just a splash of the very best dry vermouth, this Bottled Gin Martini has been expertly blended in ultra-small batches by those handsome devils at the Handmade Cocktail Company." Interest piqued? 

Just add your choice of twist or olive. My personal favorite is a (ok, three) bleu cheese olive because I have such an insatiable salty tooth. 

Image via deli direct

And what better place to enjoy this sophisticated classic than Big & Carrie's dashing dining space?



Nikki said...

That sounds amazing right now. I would defintely buy that! I had a wonderful hot gin drink at Tavern Law recently. They infused their gin with earl grey tea, mixed it with lemonade and heated it up. If I were a lush, I'd drink that instead of tea any day.

Unknown said...

Nikki, that sounds so so good right now! I feel like that is the perfect Sunday early afternoon bevie!

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