Thursday, August 9, 2012

interiors: pretty in pink

As you might have gathered, I have a serious weakness for all thinks pink. I blame this on a solid 18 years of ballet. 

Don't you just love the quiet sophistication? The girliness? The softness? Ahh... Now that I'm happily wed, gone are the days of all pink rooms (my bathroom was a bachelorette indulgence). But that doesn't mean I can't swoon over other lucky girls' blushing spaces.

I love this room so, so much. The chairs are that fun pop of color, but still maintain a more grown-up appeal because of the classic shape. And the flowers (my weekly weakness) just add to the soft femininity. This room is any girly girl's dream bachelorette apartment. It is so lovely, especially with the pink echoed in the ikat print in the sitting room (which, let's all take a moment, is so casual, yet so perfectly global, right next to the French inspired fireplace mantle... ) 

Here's a space that I like to think a man miiight be comfortable lounging about. A stretch, perhaps, but the preppy mix of kelly green with pink along with the masculine touches (I love a tufted dual purpose ottoman/coffee table) and the industrial quality of those lights... it all comes together in a perfectly quirky way, non?

This is the study of a confidant woman. I love how the dramatic combination of fuchsia and leopard is tampered by a decidedly feminine rug.

Last, if I ever have a beach house all my own (a girl can dream), I want this to be my entryway. A perfect settee for pulling on wellies in the spring or prepping beach bags in the summer... with those bleached and white washed floors? It's just too much.


Nikki said...

I didn't know you were blogging! What a pretty space you have here. I've always wanted pink walls somewhere in my house. If I don't have a little girl, it will have to be my office. Something soft , and preferably on plaster.

Unknown said...

Thanks, doll! Let me know when you're ready, and I'll work some pink magic :)

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