Monday, November 12, 2012

interiors/florals: the biotope

When I saw this, I was sort of spellbound. It is part fantasy, part art... and entirely beautiful. It is a mix between stagecraft and interior design. 

Images via T Magazine

Who: The designer is Ingo Maurer, a German who designs everything from table lights to subway stations. 
What: The Biotope. A 12 foot hanging acoustical installation made of sponges. Hidden LED's provide the glow. 100 hand-painted butterflies, dragonflies, lizards, and other enchanting creatures adorn the sculpture. 
Where: Munich, Germany in an octagonal room that was once a chapel, and is now a dining room. 
Why: The client wanted something that would provide light as well as muffle the sound in the small (yet very vertical at 25 feet high) space.

Parting thoughts: this space is totally inspirational. Yet, I can't help but wonder, "how do they change all those LEDs?" Good thing they are long lasting.

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