Thursday, September 13, 2012

interiors: oh hey girl.

Pink, pink, pink. If I had my druthers, I would have entirely too much of it in my house. Luckily common sense (aka my husband) prevails.

My dream room is based on a creamy palette with petal pink and sorbets. This sofa in pink velvet is elegantly shaped, and with a subtly patterned cream rug, creates a beautiful canvas. Add a collection pillows in shades of pinks to create depth, I especially love the modern patterns. 

I would add a pair of arm chairs with a pattern of grey, orange and rich raspberry. The geometric shapes play down the intense girliness. 

In lieu of a traditional coffee table, I  like a collection of three mirrored tables. It's a bit unexpected, and much more versatile for the impromptu tea party. A lotus petal chandelier pairs with the shimmery theme of the tables. 

Et voila. You are all invited over anytime. 


Beefy said...

I want all of this.

Unknown said...

Anytime, Beef :)

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