Monday, September 17, 2012

interiors: mad tea party

My mother-in-law recently invited me to a burlesque version of Alice in Wonderland. The costumes were delightful. Cheeky (in more ways than one, this being burlesque), sparkly... 

It got me thinking about having a tea party. A "mad" tea party...

In order to be "mad" a tea party should conform to the following:

  • Sweets. Lots and lots of sweets.
  • Color. Loads of bright bollywood-esque colors. The higher contrast, the better.
  • Flowers. Big, loud, totally non-traditional.
  • Mismatched tea set. The tea set should be collected over time and across generations. Your mother's (or grandmother's) sets can be augmented by thrift store finds. 
  • Cocktail hats. I love these because they are so very "Through the Looking Glass." If you are hostess, buy a lot for your guests to choose from... or bring one as a hostess gift. 
  • Champagne. Not only am I a sucker for bubbles, but I think they are the perfect addition to a proper tea... especially after a particularly memorable version of high tea at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.
Cheers :) 

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