Thursday, September 20, 2012

interiors: a little portland in NYC

We've been staying at the Ace in New York this week, which is a little slice of Portlandia right here in Manhattan. The rooms are all uniquely designed, and the lobby is a great place where you actually feel comfortable spending time. 

The rooms aren't too tight by Manhattan standards, and a clever layout plays up the space so it seems a bit more expansive than it really is. 

Now, I know hipster is so ubiquitous that it might become hip once again, but I've put together a few key pieces that might bring your home into the hip and happening. (And for the record, I hunted down my "hipster" finds prior to checking in at the Ace, so the similarities are a happy coincidence... for example, the lamps are identical to many found throughout the hotel, and my room actually did have a very similar record player to the tear sheet below.)

These are the key things you'll want to keep in mind when finding that key hipster piece for your home:
  • retro and vintage, obviously
  • taxidermy (tired, but true)
  • muted palette with pops of acid

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