Wednesday, August 22, 2012

interiors: creating a palette

A piece of conventional wisdom that many, many people observe is this: Purchase a neutral sofa so that it can go across any style whims you might have, and last the years. I know that this is good, sage advice. Advice that makes it easier for the color adverse and those intimidated by design. 

When looking at a beautiful space, the sofa is often the centerpiece, though. And a centerpiece begs for drama. But what color? Well, I took my design inspiration from Sherwin Williams' new Chip It! tool. I have lost hours to this tool, which works much like Pinterest. Anyone can create a customized palette from any image from the "Chip It!" button you save to your toolbar. 

My palette is inspired by a recent trip to Paris I took with my husband (Paris in April).

I love how all of these colors create a soft and sophisticated, yet modern palette. And I found some sofas that fit the bill... 

Sofas clockwise from top left: 1. Pierre Sofa, 2. Chester Tufted Sofa, 3. Emma Tufted Sofa, 4. The Descartes, 5. Pierre Sofa, 6. The Dandy,

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Ormand Sandy said...

Your opinion on how sophisticated it is can be agreeable for almost anyone. I believe these modern palettes deserve the opportunity to become the center piece for the living room for its delicate texture and material.

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